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Disclosure Policy

The FTC has Rules for Bloggers. I comply with them, not only to protect myself, but so that I may provide a trustworthy experience for others who read and use this site.

  • Since I place advertisements on this site, every piece of content has a financial impact.

  • Every piece of content may be used to promote products, services, and affiliate businesses.

  • Every contest and/or giveaway is paid by myself, unless otherwise stated.

  • When I receive a product for review, I will post an FTC disclosure notice at the bottom of the review.

  • While I cannot guarantee that my review of a product will be “positive,” I do promise to provide a fair and valuable assessment.

  • I retain the right to provide select advertising and sponsorship across this blog property.

  • I promote affiliate partner businesses that are relevant to my readers. I will not always note the use of an affiliate link.

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