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What is "Saved For Later?"

Thank you for visiting the Saved for Later blog. My name is Brian Michael Kindall.

2,000 years after His ministry, Jesus Christ has followers, both living and dead, numbering several billion.


This population is made up mostly of either people raised on the faith since their youth, or people who, after being non-believers most if not all of their lives, were saved as adults.

That's us. We are saved for later.

The church has many youth classes and Bible camps aimed at teaching and rearing the next generation of Christ-followers, but everyone in line at an altar call (who likely did not believe in God yesterday) is an adult for whom there is often little offered beyond a quick repeat-after-me prayer and a flyer with listed service times.


There are exceptions, of course, but how well does the average local church communicate a Christian message to someone who either strongly doubted or didn’t believe in Christianity at all just a short time ago?

If you have similar questions, then you want to read this blog!


Our new faith is a fragile thing, and yet the classes and programs one might expect to be waiting for us – considering the lifelong teaching made available to the children of existing church members – are simply few and far between by comparison.

I want to provide what I was looking for when I first thought I believed in God. Even though I was pierced, tattooed, divorced

On this blog:

  • We will explore and discuss the gift of faith that has been given to us after a life of disbelief.

  • We will speak to one another about our reasons for disbelief in a language that we understand.

  • We will confront the differences between the teachings and actions of Jesus Christ and the teachings and actions of Christians, and what those differences represent.

  • We will be honest and straightforward about the hypocrisy and hatred that exists in the Christian community and what our role is in light of it.

  • Together, I hope that we will see the beauty and the majesty of God, what He has done for us, and who we are in His Son, Jesus Christ.

My goal


My goal is to encourage you to read something far more important than this blog…the Bible.


That’s right. I don’t want you to stay here. If I do my job, then you will be eager to read the Bible on your own, find yourself a church, and make it a better place than when you got there.


What I learned and hope to pass on to you is that new to it as we may be, the church is our church too.

I hope this blog helps you, inspires you, and maybe even excites you a little bit by making this new, foreign world a little less intimidating now, so it can be less foreign later. Most of all, I hope this blog leads you to the Bible.

Sound good? Let’s go.

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